Fibes 4pc Acrylic Drum Set Black Vintage 1970's


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From the 1970's this is a 4 piece Fibes drum set! Acrylic shells which are factory painted black on the interior. Comes with 8 (deep) x 12 and 9 (deep) x 13 rack toms, 16x16 floor tom, and a 14 (Deep) x 22 bass drum. Floor tom is the only drum with a badge. These show signs of use with scratches and scuffs throughout. There's heavy rash on the 13" tom. Black paint has heavy chips. There is a crack on the bass drum off of the tom mount. The bottom bearing edge on the 12" tom has been repaired. Has a small chunk of acrylic missing off of the seam as well. The rest of the edges are good. Metal hoops and hardware have pitting and rust. Chrome is flaking in areas. This has some none original parts such as some hoops, floor tom legs, and about half of the tension rods. Tom mounts, spurs, and leg brackets are 100% functioning! Batter side bass drum hoop is metal so it doesn't really show any pedal rash. Heads show lots of wear, but have use left. See the pictures for more details!