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    Klash Drums 3pc Custom Drum Set Ginger Glass Glitter

    Made right in here in Minnesota! For sale is a Klash Custom 3pc Drum Set in a Ginger Glass Glitter wrap! Built with 8ply maple Keller shells. Sizes are 20x22, 14x16, 8x12". Toms both have the gps rims mount system. Tom stand NOT included. Virgin bass...

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    OffSet Bilateral Double Bass Drum Pedal

    “The OffSet™ Bilateral Bass Drum Pedal is designed by a drummer for the drummer’s comfort, ergonomics and improved play. Standard double pedals have been around for decades without thought to the body symmetry in relation to the drum kit.” says David...

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    Pacific 5pc Shell Pack Black

    For sale is a Pacific 5 piece shell pack in a black wrap. This is pre CX series, but still has nice maple shells. Comes with 10 (deep) x 12 and 11 (deep) x 13 rack toms, a 16x16 floor tom, 16 (deep) x 22 bass drum, and matching 5.5x14 snare! Wrap has...

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    Sonor 4pc Safari Shell Pack Titanium Quartz

    All-new from SONOR – the AQ2 Series.With the AQ2 Series drums you can sound like the pros. Featuring all-maple shells and Sonor’s new SmartMount – German engineering at a lower price-point. The kit is offered in five standard configurations to start...

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    Tama 4pc Granstar Custom Shell Pack 1980's Black

    From the 1980's this is a Tama 4 piece Granstar Custom shell pack! This has a black lacquer with black interiors. 100% birch shells! This has 11 (deep) x 12 and 12 (deep) x 13 rack toms, a 16x16 floor tom, and 16 (deep) x 22 kick. These show normal signs...