Klash Custom USA 4pc Walnut Drum Set

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Fresh off the line and made right here in Minneapolis, this is a Klash Custom 4 piece kit! 100% Walnut shells no filler with a natural, matte finish. Comes with 6 ply toms and an 8 ply kick with our new metal badge! This has an 8 (deep) x 12 rack tom, 14x14 and 14 (deep) x 16 floor toms, and a 16 (deep) x 22 virgin bass drum. Rack tom does not include a mount of any kind so would need to be placed on a snare stand. Snare stand shown in pictures is not included. Has clear Remo Emperors on the toms and an Evans GMAD on the kick. Very warm punchy and tonal. These were played a little to ensure their quality. Heads do have stick marks. See the pictures for more details!