• Carvin DC 127M W/OHSC

    Carvin DC 127M W/OHSC

    FOR SALE!!!Here is a just awesome very clear CARVIN DC 127M. She plays great and has just a tonal plate for kings and queens! Made in USA, Dual Carvin humbucker design, walnut , locking tuners, ebony board, split pickup switches. Comes with a OHSC...

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    FOR SALE!!!   Feast your eyes on this heavy metal machine!   This is a USED ESP LTD EX400. This great looking guitar features a mahogany body with a 3-piece maple set neck with rosewood fingerboard, 24.75" scale with 22 frets. The...

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  • G&L ASAT Bluesboy

    G&L ASAT Bluesboy

    FOR SALE!!!   This is a Used G&L ASAT CLASSIC   Semi hollow, maple fret board, nice and clean. Great action. Plays and sounds excellent. Looks to be all original as well. If you are looking for a nice light guitar, but a great sunburst...

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  • G&L ASAT Special Tribute

    G&L ASAT Special Tribute

    FOR SALE!!!Get your hands on this awesome clean G&L. Great action, lots of tone out of this tele like axe!Very clean, with great sounding pickups.Hard-Rock Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboardLeo Fender-designed jumbo G&L MFD single coils made in...

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  • Gibson Les Paul Standard W/OHSC 1990

    Gibson Les Paul Standard W/OHSC 1990

    FOR SALE!!!This is a Vintage Gibson Les Paul Standard from 1990. It's a true rock and roll classic! Great action, normal wear and tear for a 30 year old Les Paul. Normal nicks from playing, no breaks, looks to be all original. Only mod is a filled in...

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  • Gibson SG Standard 2008 W/OHSC

    Gibson SG Standard 2008 W/OHSC

    FOR SALE!!!This is a USED GIBSON SG STANDARD from back in 2008. She plays great, no repairs, looks to be all original. Missing the button sticker on the neck volume. Could use a little bit of an adjustment but still plays great. Comes with OHSC. No case...

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  • PRS SE 245 W/BAG

    PRS SE 245 W/BAG

    FOR SALE!!!   This is a Used PRS SE 245! Great carve with fantastic looks, and great action. The PRS SE 245 solidbody electric guitar delivers the classic dual-humbucking, singlecut tones everyone loves in a high-quality, high-value package...

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  • Soundgear Ibanez SR406 Bass

    Soundgear Ibanez SR406 Bass

    FOR SALE!!!   This is a USED SOUNDGEAR IBANEZ SR406 BASS GUITAR!!!   Get your hands on a skull crushing deep octave bass guitar. She's been played over the years, and has wear and tear to show it. As seen in photos. Looks to be all original...

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    FOR SALE!!!   Get your hands on a Vintage made in the USA PEAVEY T25!   Great condition for its age, honest wear, with those awesome original sounding Peavey pickups. Thin neck, great sustain.

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