Hayman 9x13 Tom Shell 1960's

    From the 1960's this is a Hayman 9x13 tom shell! This has been stripped of its wrap and does not have any lugs or mounts. There are no extra holes present! Has a lot of scratches and discoloration. Can feel glue residue all the way around. Wood is...


    Pearl 9x13 Rack Tom 1980's

    For sale is a 1980s Pearl 9x13 rack tom! The silver wrap on this drum is in pretty rough shape. It is cracked in one spot and has a lot of scratches. It is still fully attached all the way around the drum. Lugs have some pitting but not much rust. Hoops...


    Rogers 8x8 XP8 Concert Tom 1970's Red

    From the 1970's or possibly early 1980's this is a Rogers XP8 8 (deep) x 8 concert tom. 8 ply maple shell. The exterior has been painted red over the original wrap and interiors are painted purple. Finish has pretty heavy scratches and scuffs. Wrap has a...


    Sonor 10x14 Phonic Tom Drum 1970's/80's Rosewood

    From the 1970's and 80's this is a Sonor 10 (deep) x 14 Phonic Tom in a rosewood veneer. Has a 9 ply beech shell with slotted tension rods. It's in clean condition! Finish has some light scratches and scuffs. Both badges do turn somewhat freely. Hoops...